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Drifter Design Victory ARTR with Bruhsless Motor 2240 Lehner


Drifter Design Victory ARTR with Bruhsless Motor 2240 Lehner
Almast-Ready-to-Run Model with Lehner 2240 HiAmp   Quality Made in Germany

Product no.: 21110
Shipping time: 25-30 business days / customized
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1.299,00 EUR

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Drifter Design Victory ARTR with Bruhsless Motor 2240 Lehner
Almast-Ready-to-Run Model with Lehner 2240 HiAmp   Quality Made in Germany
Victory 7 Team Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Drifter Mk II with new lid cutout (now rectangular for better masking).

Scope of supply:

  • Fiberglas-finished hull in epoxy BLUE
  • Hull & Deck integrally wet on wet
  • Built in motor, servo, driving plate and hardware
  • Model complete with mounting frame for Motor,Servo, RC
  • Accu fixing
  • Motor Lehner 2240 HiAmp
  • Servo
  • Steller 130-8s1p watercooled
  • Preinstalled wedge rudder with water pick up and Flex system
  • Complete Water cooling for controller and motor
  • All cables on ESC fixed
  • Decalsheet "Victory" included (not fixed for later airbrush) 

(without batteries and RC)


Technical specifications:
Length: 920 mm
Length (oa.): * 1035 mm *
Width: 275 mm
RC: Rudder, speed regulation
Drive E-Version:
1 x Lehner 2240 HiAmp with water cooling,
Vote for turns as desired LiPos 6-8**
Number of cells: 6-8 LiPo 4000-5000 mAh
Type: * = ARTR Almost Ready To Run - construction costs about 1.0 h

* LOA defines the overall dimensions of the model with rudder and shafting.

** Motor will be customized built by Lehner Germany


  More images can be found in our photo archive under


Some facts about fiberglass-hulls by Hydro&Marine Germany

Fiberglass has become the material for power boats during the last few years. However, there is a big difference in quality concerning the material itself as well as the manufacturing process. These differences are, among other indicators, naturally reflected in the prices. On this page, we´d like to explain briefly the manufacturing process of our models, the quality level you are to expect and the reasons for our way of producing epoxy hulls.
Fiberglass and fiberglass are not the same !!!
Generally, our hulls are produced exclusively by use of epoxy-resin and fiberglass. Most of the material comes from R&G, Voss Chemie and companies in Sweden and the U.S. Since there are new products being put on the market in this industrial sector too, we are regularly changing our basic material according to the latest developments. Thus, our customers can be sure to be provided with a real state-of-the-art product.
For one single hull, for instance, we use up to 6 different fiberglass textures of various thickness. Parts of the hull that are exposed to extraordinate strain (like motor-mount, stern-area etc.) are generally laminated with multiple layers of fiberglass. Some parts on certain hulls are reinforced with cevlar and carbon, whereas parts that are subject to weight saving (deck, superstructure) are laminated by use of comparatively thin fiberglass texture. So the famous "boat modeler test", where the thumb is pressed on to the deck in a way that the entire boat is almost crushed, doesn´t tell a thing about the quality of a hull !
At the moment, we use a special gel coat from a swedish producer that ensures absolute smoothness and almost no porousness. In addition, the surface is extremly firm and thus most suitable for hull constructing. This gel coat-surface is the base for painting. It´s almost superfluous to level out the surface before painting apart from the joints between deck and hull. Detailed painting instructions are to be found in every building kit.
The manufacturing process
All hulls are laminated in professional screwing-moulds , partially by use of vacuum-technicology. The life-span of the moulds is an average of 100 - 150 hulls. After a maximum of 150 hulls, we make a new mould taken from the master-model. The H&M hulls are laminated "wet-in-wet". This means that deck and hull are being assembled while the resin is still wet. This is the only reasonable way to get sufficient stability. Some models are fitted out with a special epoxy hardware box that provides water-tightness and has threaded aluminium plates suitable for H&M motor-mounts. Plywood reinforcements are already integrated in the stern and turnfin areas.

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