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Schlauchführung einfach für 5 mm Schläuche

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ZIP Eco Special Offer Package Kit with Leopard 3650-4550kV

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Sekundenkleber, dünnflüssig 20 g

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Akku-Fibel Fachbuch alles über die Pflege von NiCad, NiMh Zwellen

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Shrinkable tubing red 9/4,5 mm 1000 mm

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Hawai Kai 1/6 - 1/9 Dekorsatz

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Motormount Outrigger Mr. Krabs - fiberglas black version

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Propeller JR C-Serie DD 76 mm links mit 6,3 mm Wellenschaft

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Adapter for output on iSDT charger For chargers iSDT 620/608 / Q6

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Boat stand Multi XL "the big one"

Boat stand Multi XL  "the big one"
Product no.: 23946
Shipping time: 3-6 business days
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59,00 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Boat stand Multi XL  "the big one"
The stand is ideal for assembly or safe storage of models and can be adjusted to almost any model size. From 70 cm up to about 160 cm Super Mono, everything is possible.

The models can be securely fixed by the adjustable arms. This makes it easy to work on the model. Of course, the stand is also suitable for the safe transport of larger hulls in the car.
For Hydroplanes or Cats, the retaining cheeks can be placed horizontally, depending on the model, or for monos.
The wooden parts are CNC milled from high quality and stable 15 mm birch multiplex. The plug-in system makes the model stand extra stable and it can be easily assembled together.

The wooden parts are stuck to the places where the model rests with 3 mm neoprene rubber to keep the model safe and not to damage.

Slots are provided for adaptation to the various models. In the adjustable ears are threaded inserts. The whole thing is clamped with ergonomically shaped wing screws with plastic handle.

Tools can be placed in the holes. Small parts such as screws or nuts can be attached to the practical magnet holder and thus no longer disappear on the workbench


Optional available for this stand special feet to bring the model to a working height of about 52 cm or fully extended to 82 cm (feet for this boat stand Best. 23497 / just click or in the tab "other accessories" to find) ,
Technical details:
Outside dimensions approx.: 58 x 40 x 26 cm (LxWxH) (without holding jaws )
Maximum width: approx. 42 cm (retaining cheeks in horizontal orientation)
Height with retaining cheeks approx. 38 cm
Weight: 2 kg (empty)

Scope of delivery of the kit:
CNC machined parts (unpolished)
4 x thumbscrew M6
4 x hexagon socket inserts for easy installation
4 x washers
1 x self-adhesive neoprene rubber
1 x neodymium magnet
1 x illustrated construction manual

The used multiplex quality is water-resistant multiple glued (phenol / melamine resin). The surfaces are water-repellent thanks to synthetic resin coating!
However, when using it in the open air or at regular "humid" intervals, we advise you to oil the cut edges, just walk it over with the sponge and the surface is sealed and still breathable (water can evaporate again).


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