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INTRUDER MkII WE als Spar-Paket-Set

Our previous price 380,50 EUR Now only 345,00 EURyou save 9 % /35,50 EUR

Hawai Kai 1/6 - 1/9 Dekorsatz

Our previous price 13,30 EUR Now only 7,90 EURyou save 41 % /5,40 EUR

Kugelkopf XL Kunst. mit Messingeinsatz f. M4 Gestänge

Our previous price 4,50 EUR Now only 1,95 EURyou save 57 % /2,55 EUR

Propeller V962/3 Dreiblatt-Octura

Our previous price 38,95 EUR Now only 29,00 EURyou save 26 % /9,95 EUR

PTFE ube 4/ 3 for 2.5 Flex length 500 mm - Clearance-

Our previous price 4,50 EUR Now only 2,93 EURyou save 35 % /1,57 EUR

3 x Pieces Set Antenna system 2.4 GHz with aluminum socket with yellow safety tube

Our previous price 14,85 EUR Now only 12,00 EURyou save 19 % /2,85 EUR

Gewinde-Muffen mit Innensechskant Alu für M3

Our previous price 5,49 EUR Now only 4,66 EURyou save 15 % /0,83 EUR

Ballbearing Steal, 11 x 5 x 5 mm

Our previous price 4,95 EUR Now only 1,90 EURyou save 62 % /3,05 EUR

Flexshaft System I 3,2/4/M4 A Aluminium Easy Line

Our previous price 49,00 EUR Now only 35,00 EURyou save 29 % /14,00 EUR

Superglue Cyan, medium 20 g

Our previous price 3,95 EUR Now only 2,96 EURyou save 25 % /0,99 EUR

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Instructions for our models div.


Instructions for our models div.

Shipping time: 3-6 business days
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19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Building instructions for our models

You have a model from our house and no more building documents, no problem, of course we will help you!
In order to be able to clearly define the respective model (we have been manufacturing for 33 years), please tell us the exact name of the model, then we can determine the model, generation, version and originality.

An invoice number of the purchased goods would also be helpful.

Models from our production are always delivered with assembly information, building descriptions by means of CD or instructions and installation details.
These are copyrighted by us and may only be used within the sold models/articles.

Of course we have a corresponding customer support for our customers who have purchased a model/article from us! For this purpose, we only need the above-mentioned data in order to determine the origin of the models without any problems. 

             Please understand this measure, as we want to and have to protect ourselves against pirate copies of our models.

You can recognise our articles mostly by the laminated/incorporated HYDRO & MARINE company logo. If you do not find this in your boat/article, this model is probably not from our production. Please contact us even if this is the case, as we will have the origin of these pirate copies prosecuted.
Unfortunately, copies with our company logo have already appeared, so this does not count as definitive proof.

Caution is advised with used items, sales in forums or Ebay u. Co., Offerto etc. (!), as these parts are sold as "faultless" but often have previous damage or no longer work in the original performance parameters. Since these goods are mostly excluded from any warranty or exchange, one is virtually buying "blind".
In recent years, we have had to do a lot of processing and consulting work with customers who bought a supposed bargain, often purchased outdated, incorrectly stored models, damaged or warped hulls, installed defective actuators, burnt-out motors, blown batteries, etc., and then ended up incurring more costs than the supposed savings.

We hope to have helped you with this information.

Hydro&Marine Service Team
Scope of delivery:
Building instructions in DE, PDF via Mail
CD with photo documents, various accessories (depending on the model version).

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