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Skyper Mono I WE Speedboat - Special Offer Price -

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Superglue, thick 20 g

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Gummikappe für WD-Schalter

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Propeller JR C-Serie DD 76 mm links mit 6,3 mm Wellenschaft

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Bellows cylindrical Elastic rubber bellows

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Ersatzdeckel Bat-Boat Open Cockpit Auslaufprodukt / solange Vorrat reicht

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Ballbearing with Collar 4x9x4 mm 10,2 Outside

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Airscoop for Hulls 80-100 cm

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Flexwelle 2,5 / 500 mm links

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Shooter package kit 3-step mono racing boat fiberglas epoxy hull

Our previous price 313,45 EUR Now only 282,00 EURyou save 10 % /31,45 EUR

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Lehner 4140 Outrunner

Lehner 4140 Outrunner
Shipping time: approx 6 weeks customized work
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Motorshaft Diameter: 
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Lehner 4140 Outrunner
It takes time to invent new and innovative concepts - but we have made it.

  •  For our new outrunner brushless motor we use pressed wire coils improving the known techniques:
  •  Each single coil has a fill level of more than 70% (usually the fill level is 50%).
  •  Adhesion of the new coils with the stator improves the thermal conductivity.Additionally the design of the front and rear plate assure   
  •  Optimized  air flow that keeps the system cool.
  •  The new coils increase the power density. Our new motor with an 83 mm outside diameterwill have the same output power as contemporary  motors with a 100 mm outside diameter.This has advantages for airplanes with small cowls.
  •   A 12 layer HiAmp circuit board allows parallel connection of all coils. This allows a highgranularity of revolutions per minute by changing the number of wires per coil (please refer to rpm list).


RPM table outrunners under load
69.05 KB Download
Operating instruction and specifications
71 KB Download