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E-Motors from Lehner Germany

E-Motors from Lehner Germany
E-Motore Lehner - High End - made in Germany

New!! Now with 2 new options

All Lehner motors of the 19/22/30 series are available with the option of a flattened motor shaft.
Now also with carbon fiber ring for the rotor optinal available, for our extreme users among our customers *.

* To allow up to 30% higher speeds a carbon sleeve for the rotor is necessary. This option also includes the fine balancing of the rotor.

The rapid technical progress in the last 10 years also brought new possibilities to modelers to run their hobby more and more perfectly. Remote controls, speed controllers, chargers and much more now only work with the latest processor technology controlled by intelligent software. Also the rechargeable power sources, especially the new Li-Po technology, requires more and more powerful drive components, like highly efficient and powerful e-motors/controllers.

Internal successes (4x world championship titles in various racing boat classes) resulted in continuous further development since 1980, which has enabled our customers to win approx. 70 world championship titles to date.

The engine series 10/15/19/22 and 30 have reached a high quality standard, which is not usual for the model building industry, mainly because of the sophisticated manufacturing technology and the use of highest quality materials. All this enables such a high power throughput with simultaneous speed stability up to 100,000 rpm (series 10 u.15), 70,000 rpm (series 19), 50,000 rpm (series 22 u. 30), which opens up new drive possibilities. Combined with good manufacturability and also unique flexibility in the area of number of turns/speed adjustment, this concept, optimized by us, came about.

Note on custom-made products based on customer specifications:
Custom-made products from our company on customer's request are excluded from exchange, because they are individually manufactured according to the technical specifications of our customers and thus comply with the exceptional conditions of the right of withdrawal §312g paragraph 1. Please have understanding for this.