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Gewinde-Muffen mit Innensechskant Alu für M6

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Airscoop for Colibri Mono Hull

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FireBee - the new Eco Package Price Offer

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Sensor f. Strom 150 A mit 6 mm LMT Goldkontakt (für Akkus mit mit Stecker am Pluspol)

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Kugelkopf XL Kunst. mit Messingeinsatz f. M4 Gestänge

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Lifter Hydro package kit

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Propeller V962/3 Dreiblatt-Octura

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Viper WE Package Kit Special Offer

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FireBee - the new Eco Package Price Offer

FireBee - the new Eco  Package Price Offer
  • including Compact Streightshaft Profi 270 mm and
  • Eco full metall rudder
Product no.: 235323
Shipping time: 3-6 business days
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Hull Quality: 

190,93 EUR 169,00 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

FireBee - the new Eco  Package Price Offer
including Compact Streightshaft Profi 270 mm and Eco full metall rudder.

Newly developed model for the class Eco or for anyone who wants to drive an uncomplicated model with excellent curve characteristics.
FireBee can also be used as a mono, ie with a semi-submersible drive!  

What's new?
  • Longitudinal underwater ship with flat sliding wedge for stable directional stability
  • Stepped stringer edges for stable cornering and better water separation
  • Asymmetrically shaped underwater ship
  • Right underwater ship with transversely stepped steps
  • GfK finished hull in Epoxi quality
  • High-gloss WHITE gel coat
  • Hull & deck one-piece wet-glued wet
  • One-piece, generously dimensioned lid 368 x 88 mm
Carbon fiber version ++ :
  • Sandwich laminate GfK-CFK-AFK
  • First layer fiberglass with fine fabric, then laid with carbon fiber & aramid as second layer
  • Laminates Wet in wet glued and tempered
  • Carbon fiber version only available in WHITE

Technical specifications:

640 mm
Width: 233 mm
RC: Speed regulation, left/right
Drive E-Version:
2 - 3 LiPo:
Leopard 3650-3660 kV
Lehner 1535-1920 *
Engine Hotline 0049- (0) 9405-6000
Cell count: 2-3 LiPos up to 4000-6000 mAh
Competition Class: Eco or Mono I

Motorization variants Leopard for mono variant (cheap China engine):
Motorization variant LEHNER for mono variant (entry-class high quality):
Motorization variant LEHNER for Eco & Mono variant (high quality top tuning):
2s1p oder  3s1p*  = Lehner 1920 HiAmp Air&Watercooled
* Engines are made individually after consultation with you at Lehner.

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