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H&M SUPER masking tape STANDARD 25 mm 20 meter

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Kugellagerköcher einzeln f. 5 mm Stevenrohr (für

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Flexcable 3.2 / 500 mm - EXTRA FLEXIBLE

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10 x Tape H&M Super STANDARD 25 mm 20 Meter SPECIAL OFFER !

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PTFE ube 4/ 3 for 2.5 Flex length 500 mm - Clearance-

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Allegra Set Package Price

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Dog Drive 6,35/12 mm Jetzt in V2A

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Viper WE Package Kit Special Offer 690 mm 3-4 LiPos

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Epoxyresin 40 Minutes New Size 280 g

Epoxyresin 40 Minutes  New Size 280 g
(Epoxy 200 g + 80 g Hardener)

Product no.: 21121
Shipping time: 3-6 business days
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13,90 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Epoxyresin 40 Minutes  New Size 280 g

(Epoxy 200 g + 80 g Hardener)
Finally a high quality resin, in sufficient quantity and setting time! Quality, made in Germany. If you have ever had a bad experience with cheap resins and do not want to repeat this mistake, with this resin your needs are covered. Nothing is worse than a glue joint that comes undone again!
The 40-minute epoxy is a 2K epoxy resin adhesive. Resin and hardener are filled in bottles with 100 g resin each, as well as 40 g hardener
content, resulting in a total quantity of 280 g epoxy.

The adhesive is transparent, solvent-free and its working time is 90 minutes. It can be used to make flat, larger bondings or even hulls. It is suitable for universal assembly and repair of a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, porcelain, stone, wood, concrete and rubber.

Adhesive joints become tensile and slack resistant as well as resistant to aging and media. There is a lasting resistance to water, gasoline and oil. The temperature resistance is up to approx. +120 °C.

Scope of delivery :
200 g resin + 80 g hardener

    Suitable materials Metal, stone, concrete, porcelain, wood, glass and many plastics.
    Unsuitable materials Polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon®,polystyrene, soft PVC
    Load Low, High, Medium
    Resistance Gasoline, alkali, oil, acid, water
    Temperature range - 40°C to + 100°C (depending on material and construction - higher temperatures also possible. Please refer to the technical data sheet)
    Chemical base Epoxy resin
    Viscosity high viscosity, medium viscosity
    Pot life approx. 40 min (at room temperature)
    Bonding technique Wet bonding

We also recommend our thixotropic agents, carbon fiber chips, carbon powder for thickening the resin.
For the improvement of glued areas/surfaces we further recommend glass fiber fabric tapes.
See also the "Other accessories" tab.

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