H&M SUPER masking tape STANDARD 25 mm 20 meter

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Cable ties with diverting loop, detachable

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H&M SUPER masking tape Medium 38 mm 20 Meter SPECIAL OFFER

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Tape H&M Super MAXI 50 mm 10 Meter SPECIAL OFFER !


H&M Super Masking tape MAXI 50 mm 10 meter




Product no.: 24540
Shipping time: 3-6 business days
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The new H&M SUPER masking tape! 

The H & M SUPER masking tape defines itself as a premiumclass PVC tape with a rubber based adhesive coating and
is the ideal partner for the waterproof and residue-free taping of the lid and canopies for our area.
The new band has a much higher adhesive strength, is extremely elastic and on the material thickness from 0.18 to 0.2 mm significantly stronger.
This we can now offer in 3 widths for each boat size and wide range of applications.
  • H & M Super type - Standard with 25 mm
  • H & M Super type - medium  with 38 mm
  • H & M Super type - Maxi       with 50 mm

The H & M SUPER masking tape is an extremely soft band. In the production of this band no fillers are used. This results in the excellent elongation properties. A good balance between adhesive strength, peeling and film flexibility gives easy handling and perfect sealing.

So the penetration of water is prevented!

The H & M SUPER masking tape has a thick carrier (tape thickness ca.190μm) and is the perfect tape for a wide range of applications. The tape is suitable to the good aging and weathering resistance suited for harsh outdoor conditions. Moreover, it is resistant to oils, acids and bases.

The new performance data in detail:

  • high adhesive strength on smooth and rougher surfaces = super adhesion on GRP - painted surfaces
  • Applicable at -10 ° C to + 90 ° C                                       = good to use at uncomfortably low or high temperatures
  • good weather resistance                                                   = still usable even in (slightly) damp surfaces
  • good sealing properties                                                     = PVC tape without fillers completely waterproof and water-repellent
  • good processability firm yet elastic                                    = also for curved applications
  • good moisture and chemical resistance                            = also suitable for glow/gas engine boats, RC box sealing etc.
  • excellent elongation properties                                          = also suitable for use when radii
  • excellent relaxation properties                                           = weak default properties, with practically no torsion
  • no fatigue                                                                           = can also be used several times, just before after wipe - dry your hull first


Technical Characteristics:

  • high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Filler-free 
  • rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive layer
  • good weatherability
    WEEE compliant (2002/96 / CE)
    RoHS compliant (2002/95 / CE)
  • free of lead-based substances


Scope of supply:
Roll with 10 meters

Quality manufacture Made in Europe 

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