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New edition of the well-known offshore catamaran

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269,00 EUR

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New edition of the well-known offshore catamaran
The new FREYA MK II was designed, the same type as the original, now with recessed cover and a new surface finish.

This Cat corresponds in its appearance to present design concepts of the single cockpit offshore Formula class.

The model was developed racing catamaran 6-10 LiPos for different engine variants. Suitable for both single as well as twin.

  • GfK-finished hull in epoxy
  • high-gloss white colored
  • Adhered hull & cover in one piece wet on wet
Length: 930 mm
Length (about everything.): * 1040 mm *
Width: 280 mm
RC: Rudder, Electronic speed control (ESC), mixture

1 x Lehner 2240-2250 /// Twin 2 x Lehner 1930/40/50

1 x Leopard 4060-4092

2 x Leopard 3674-4060

Number of cells: 6-10 LiPo 4000-5000 mAh
Glow-Version: 3.5 cc glow starter
Competition class: Hydro III

* LOA defines the overall dimensions of the model with rudder.


Motorversion Leopard Sport Setup (inexpensive China-Motor) :

6-7s1p  =  Leopard LBP4082/2Y Brushless Motor 4polig -1600kV-


Motorversion Leopard Sport Setup Twin Motor (inexpensive China-Motor) :

je 3s1p  =  2 x Leopard LBP3674-B/2D Brushless Motor 4polig -3270kV-

je 4s1p  =  2 x Leopard LBP3674-B/2.5D Brushless Motor 4polig -2650kV-


Top-Speed LEHNER Top-Speed Setup (high End Quality bruhsless motor made in Germany :

6s1p*-7 Windungen  = Lehner 2250 HiAmp Air&Watercooled


Setup LEHNER Dragster-Speed (high End Quality bruhsless motor made in Germany :

8s1p*-6 Windungen   = Lehner 2260 HiAmp Air&Watercooled


* Speed and Runtime depend on Motorsetup,
for further Deteails please use our Brushless-Motor-Hotline 0049-(0)9405-6000

More images can be found in our photo archive under wink


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