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Gewinde-Muffen mit Innensechskant Alu für M5

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Ersatzwelle 4 mm mit Gewinde M4 200 mm

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Flexshaft System I 3,2/4/M4 A Aluminium Easy Line

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Steuerrad Typ 2

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Verlängerungskabel EH 2-polig 1S LiPo Packs

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Maritmo WE Package Kit Special Offer

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Freya Mk II WE in carbon&aramid sandwich laminate Complete package set

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Superglue Cyan, medium 20 g

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Original Loctite 245 zum Sonderpreis

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Gewinde-Muffen mit Innensechskant Alu für M6

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FireBee - the new generation for Eco & Mono I

FireBee - the new Eco & Mono I
Product no.: 24116
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FireBee - the new Eco & Mono I

Newly developed model for the class Eco or for anyone who wants to drive an uncomplicated model with excellent curve characteristics.
FireBee can also be used as a mono, ie with a semi-submersible drive!  

What's new?
  • Longitudinal underwater ship with flat sliding wedge for stable directional stability
  • Stepped stringer edges for stable cornering and better water separation
  • Asymmetrically shaped underwater ship
  • Right underwater ship with transversely stepped steps
  • GfK finished hull in Epoxi quality
  • High-gloss WHITE gel coat
  • Hull & deck one-piece wet-glued wet
  • One-piece, generously dimensioned lid 368 x 88 mm
Carbon fiber version ++ :     ( 2 hulls on stock)
  • Sandwich laminate GfK-CFK-AFK
  • First layer fiberglass with fine fabric, then laid with carbon fiber & aramid as second layer
  • Laminates Wet in wet glued and tempered
  • Carbon fiber version only available in WHITE

Technical specifications:

640 mm
Width: 233 mm
RC: Speed regulation, left/right
Drive E-Version:
2 - 3 LiPo:
Leopard 3650-3660 kV
Lehner 1535-1920 *
Engine Hotline 0049- (0) 9405-6000
Cell count: 2-3 LiPos up to 4000-6000 mAh
Competition Class: Eco or Mono I

Motorization variants Leopard for mono variant (cheap China engine):
Motorization variant LEHNER for mono variant (entry-class high quality):
Motorization variant LEHNER for Eco & Mono variant (high quality top tuning):
2s1p oder  3s1p*  = Lehner 1920 HiAmp Air&Watercooled
* Engines are made individually after consultation with you at Lehner.

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54,99 EUR

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