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Choppy Fiberglas 1:5 Outboard-Racer model


Choppy Fiberglas hull 1:5 outboard Racer model
The first full-fiberglass model from Hydro&Marine in the style of the 30th Outboard Racers
Product no.: 23657
Shipping time: 20 days built customized for you
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195,00 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs


Fiberglas  hull  1:5 outboard Racer model

The first GfK model from Hydro & Marine Outboard the Racer class. Optimized for speed and fun-freaks with Scale ambitions. The model is intended for modelers who with little effort, a chic vintage style want to build outboards, but want also to enjoy a high-quality, durable workmanship of composite hulls.

Here, however, comes the Classic Look not too short, because we have tried to design a fast and stable model, without loosing the nostalgic flair of this vintage boattyp. 

The model could be powered with different electric outboards that we offer in our outboard section.

We suggest for best performnance our K&B Base E-conversion and an engine of your choice ( for example 3650/60 Leopard or Lehner 1920-1930 using 3-4 cells LiPo cells.

Please contact our motor hotline for any further details:  0049 (0) 9405-6000.


Hull details:

  • One-piece fiberglass reinforced epoxy hull  made ​​by Hydro & Marine
  • Glossy white gelcoat finish 
  • Cover 145x170 mm for access to the servo, battery, RC range
Model Type Outboard Racer Mono
Scale: 1: 5
Length: 643 mm
Width: 240 mm
empf.Motor: Outboard E / 2-4 LiPo
Execution: GfK finished hull
Drive / construction: 12.jpg

More images can be found in our photo archive under


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