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Mini-Mi Micro Outrigger World Champion 2015 Hydro Mini

Full GfK- CFK MicroRigger Fun- and Competition boat
Mini-Mi is winner of the World Champion 2015 Mini Hydro Class
Product no.: 23597
Shipping time: 3-6 business days
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155,00 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Mini-Mi Micro Outrigger World Champion 2015
Full Fiber Glas / Carbon MicroRigger
The Micro rocket at each pond!
Congratulations !
Bernd White won with  Mini-Mi
the World Champion 2015
  Micro Hydro Sen. class
The successful Outrigger family Crabs, Dr.Evil and Super Evil from Hydro&Marine, has finally grown! It was a difficult birth, because the little things made mighty work!
The birth preparations have have therefore endlessly protracted and many technical problems had to be solved.
Finally, after 24 months of a hard development period our Dr.Super Evil has now a baby in the form of a model in Micro Outrigger.Our Little goes by the name "Mini-Mi" !
and weighed at birth almost 180 grams and was 450 mm long and 310 mm wide.

Now is there of and pleased with the help of our many brothers and sisters. The target group is the competitive class mini hydro or fun speed boat drivers have the desire
for something special, "Small and Toxic" !
Technical features:

- For 2-3 LiPo  (2200 MAh 45C)
- Full fiberglass construction, + layers of carbon&cevlar for strengthness
- Large 260x55 mm removable lid
- Removable / adjustable Sponsons
- Moulded aluminum tubes for Sponson guide
- 3 mm carbon tube
- CNC machined 1 mm sponson supports  in carbon fiber
- Extremely manoeuvrable, very intrinsically stable driving characteristics as the "big"

Available now in the first series in white, design in glass-carbon epoxy sandwich.

Technical specifications :
Length: 450 mm (float tip to the transom edge)
Width: 310 mm
Hull: 3-point Outrigger
Lid: cutout 260 x 55 mm




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