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Freya Mk II WE in carbon&aramid sandwich laminate Complete package set

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Sensor f. Strom 150 A mit 6 mm LMT Goldkontakt (für Akkus mit mit Stecker am Pluspol)

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Schiffsmodell 2007 Jahrgangs-CD

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Schlauchführung einfach für 5 mm Schläuche

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3 x Pieces Set Antenna system 2.4 GHz with aluminum socket with yellow safety tube

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Shrinkable tubing red 9/4,5 mm 1000 mm

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Intruder Mk II WE


The new MK II is here! Completely redesigned hull - New setup!

Product no.: 20946
Shipping time: 20 days built customized for you
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232,97 EUR

16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs


High-performance catamaran in futuristic SlimLine design for highest speed and performance Stabliltäts

Intruder MkII possible with modified bottom for super stable speed and driving dynamics, SAW and Hobby setups

Upper deck for lowest rolling resistance kept extremely flat - despite aerodynamically optimized design will find all built-in components (single or twin engine) Plat z.

The model was developed racing catamaran 6-10 LiPos for different engine variants. Suitable for both single as well as twin.

  • GfK-finished hull in epoxy
  • high-gloss white colored
  • Hull & lid integrally bonded wet in wet
  • New version with rectangular lid cutout 230x380 mm
Length: 950 mm
Length (about everything.): * 1070 mm *
Width: 305 mm
RC: Rudder, speed control, mixture

1 x Lehner 2240-2260 /// Twin 2 x Lehner 1930/40/50

1 x Leopard 4060-4092

2 x Leopard 3674-4060

Number of cells: 6-10 LiPo 4000-5000 mAh
  Glow-Version: 3.5 cc glow starter
Competition class: Hydro III

* LOA defines the overall dimensions of the model with rudder

More images can be found in our photo archive under


Motorversion Leopard Sport Setup (inexpensive China-Motor) :

6-7s1p  =  Leopard LBP4082/2Y Brushless Motor 4polig -1600kV-


Motorversion Leopard Sport Setup Twin Motor (inexpensive China-Motor) :

je 3s1p  =  2 x Leopard LBP3674-B/2D Brushless Motor 4polig -3270kV-

je 4s1p  =  2 x Leopard LBP3674-B/2.5D Brushless Motor 4polig -2650kV-


Top-Speed LEHNER Top-Speed Setup (high End Quality bruhsless motor made in Germany :

6s1p*-7 Windungen  = Lehner 2250 HiAmp Air&Watercooled


Setup LEHNER Dragster-Speed (high End Quality bruhsless motor made in Germany :

8s1p*-6 Windungen   = Lehner 2260 HiAmp Air&Watercooled


* Speed and Runtime depend on Motorsetup,
for further Deteails please use our Brushless-Motor-Hotline 0049-(0)9405-6000



Samplevideo Customer;: